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3 Ways To Prepare Your HVAC For Spring

Spring may be a time for when a variety of life thrives, but it’s also a time when harmful particles are abundant such as pollens and other allergens. This why it would be important to have your system ready for this season to keep away elements that are detrimental to your family’s respiratory health.

Summer may come after this season but it’s always best to prepare for it as early as spring.


Your HVAC will be under a lot of heavy fire from allergens this season so it’s best to rid your system of dust and debris that are already present within it. Have your ducts cleaned by professionals if you haven’t done so in a while. It’s advised to do this ever 5 to 7 years but depending on your situation, especially if you have loved ones that have respiratory complications it would be best to have this done every 2 to 5 years.

Certain animals or insects may have also made a home of your ventilation. If you find these pests make sure you get rid of them at once by calling in professionals. Ignore it and their wastes and particles that come with them may be unhealthy to both your family and your HVAC.

Filters that have become jammed with particles should be replaced with brand new ones to prevent your systems from deteriorating much faster. You might also want to move up higher on the MERV rating if you find your current one isn’t as effective. Just take note that you might want to upgrade your system too as it will need more powerful equipment when you go farther up the scale.

Your outdoor unit should be free of rubbish. Make a clearance of at least two feet around your unit so be especially cautious with where your plants are placed.

Check Your Air Conditioning

Now that the temperatures are going to be warmer, you’ll want your air conditioner to be in good shape. Check it out and see if its able to adhere with the required temperature. If not have it examined by a technician.

If you find your AC, though still working fine, is lacking in terms of cooling your home then upgrade it as soon as possible before there is a high demand of it. This is so there is a chance you could avail of discounts and avoid having to compete with others when purchasing the best unit for you. Remember to have your unit be appropriate to what is needed by your system.

Update Your Thermostat

It’s time to set your thermostat to cool after the long winter. See to it that this feature still works within your model. If you want to make use of new features available in the market now would be a good time to update it.

A programmable version would be highly useful as you can customize the times when you want a certain temperature.

Zoning systems would help in saving money as only occupied rooms are being serviced.

Homeowners have their duties in prepping a home for the change in seasons. For more ways you can ensure you’re ready for pollen season, get professional advice. Call one of Absotemp’s licensed techicians at (248) 960-3100 and schedule an in-home consultation for more tailor-fit tips.