You may be very comfortable with HVAC maintenance, especially if you are on top of it! But are you missing something? Bear in mind that making mistakes with our HVAC maintenance can directly affect the system’s performance and efficiency. What are these HVAC mistakes that we should avoid?

Running The HVAC System Continuously

Leaving your HVAC unit running continuously even when you’re not at home is a big mistake. You should operate your HVAC unit only when necessary and you are home. If it runs 24 hours a day and 7 times a week for an entire month, it won’t take long before it malfunctions and the system corrupts. Cost-wise, it will consume more energy and result in higher utility bills.

To avoid this, opt for a programmable HVAC with timed temperature controls. This unit allows you to pre-program your HVAC’s operation and control the time it should start running like an hour before you arrive home.

Inadequate Ventilation

Some regions of our homes such as kitchen and bathrooms have poor ventilation. Inadequate ventilation causes high humidity in the air. Letting your HVAC unit deal with the consequences alone will affect its performance. Use other mechanical systems such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers to regulate your indoor ventilation. Not only will it improve your indoor air quality but it will also increase your HVAC’s efficiency.

Here are some helpful tips in regulating your home’s ventilation and improving your IAQ:

  • Cover your windows with curtains or blinds to trap external heat.
  • Avoid using appliances that emit heat like the oven when you are running your AC. The extra heat emitted in the air will cause your AC unit to work twice as hard to rid the heat from your home.
  • Use a ceiling fan to aid your AC unit in distributing the cool air all over your home. It helps cool down your home easily without your AC unit trying hard.

Improper Temperature Adjustments

Do not keep a constant temperature level all throughout the season. Adjust your system’s temperature suitable to the weather or season in Michigan. Setting the temperatures too high or too low is risky. Always seek professional advice regarding the safe temperature levels for each particular season from your HVAC technician.

Taking HVAC Maintenance For Granted

Some people think that HVAC maintenance is only an additional expense and unnecessary. They think maintenance is only necessary when something has gone wrong with their system. This is a huge mistake indeed. Investing in an HVAC maintenance helps you save a lot instead.

During seasonal maintenance, your technician inspects your system thoroughly and conduct repairs if there is a need. If the problem is spotted early, you can avoid costly repairs in the future and maintain your HVAC’s efficiency throughout its lifetime.

Enjoying your home’s comfort with your HVAC’s help should not be a one-time thing only. It is an investment of a lifetime and should be maintained. Learning about mistakes that can risk your HVAC’s efficiency can help you avoid them and allows you to gain comfort from your investment instead of worries.

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