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5 Reasons There Condensation On My Unit?

If you’re asking what causes the water dripping on your air conditioning unit, then the answer is that there are several factors that can result in this concern. That water dripping is called condensation, which happens when the water vapor in the air comes in contact with a cold surface. It is normal for an AC unit to excrete water from time to time, especially when it’s working hard during hot and humid days. However, if it is dripping more than the usual, the problem might come from the following causes:

Broken Parts of AC unit

Water leakage can be caused primarily by faulty and malfunctioning parts of the unit. Different possible broken parts should be tested to see if one of them is causing the leak problems. A broken condensate pump that cannot properly pump the excess water out might be the concern of your unit. Even the condensate pan could be the cause of the problem; rusty and broken pans will lead to water leakage of the AC unit.

Failing insulation can also be a culprit, and it’s a common cause of water dripping from the A/C unit. Condensation buildup inside the unit occurs easily and more frequently at areas that have a failing insulation. In addition, unsuitably fitted seals of AC units can allow hot air to enter and hit the cold air in the unit resulting to more excess water.

Restricted Airflow

AC unit filters can easily catch dirt and dust particles from the interior air. Too much dust and debris can cause congestion on the filters of the air conditioning unit that will lead to a more serious problem. The filter congestion will result in a frozen evaporator coil, therefore causing the buildup of excess water to leak from the pan. One way of avoiding this scenario is by regular changing of filters most especially if the interior is dusty.

Blockages in the Drain Pipe or Vent

Blocked drainage lines and vents can result in excessive pressure inside the air conditioning unit that could be a major issue in the future. If the drainage line is clogged by dirt and dust, excess water has no other outlet for exit from the unit so instead it will build up in the unit until the water leaks. One way of avoiding this is to prevent clogging and regularly cleaning the vents and lines.

Incorrect Installation

Improper installation could be nothing but a minor issue. However, if it causes water leakage and results in more complicated issues, you should acknowledge that even mere proper installation matters. An improperly installed and incorrectly sized drainage pan could result dripping of water coming from the air conditioning unit.

Cold Temperature

Temperature of the exterior environment also matters. When the temperature outside drops, the evaporator coil freezes up causing excess water inside the unit resulting in leakage.

Regardless of the reason for the cause of the water leakage of the air conditioning unit, most of the issues on this requires expertise of a knowledgeable and licensed HVAC proficient. For consultations and inquiries, call Absotemp at (248) 960-3100. Our HVAC experts will be more than happy to assist you! Let us aid you in solving your HVAC problem and provide you with all the relevant HVAC information you need.