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Does The Size Of Your AC Matter?

Is the size of your A/C appropriate? Does the size of your A/C really matter? Yes, it does, and there are several reasons why you should pick the right size of air conditioner for specific room areas.

Inappropriate Sizes Decrease Energy Deficiency

If you picked the wrong A/C size for your room, you’d be wasting a lot of energy. Likewise, it would mean that there will be extra costs in your monthly energy bills. There are certain sizes of air conditioners designed for different room areas and purposes. For example, you can’t use a residential A/C unit to operate in a commercial building. Otherwise the distribution of cool air would be insufficient.

Before you purchase an A/C unit, have a professional HVAC technician examine the area where you’d be placing the air conditioner. Have them get the measurement of that area and let them suggest to you how big or small of an A/C you’d need. Being energy-efficient will help you avoid extra added costs and enjoy the comfort of your home to the fullest.

An Oversized A/C Has Poor Air Circulation

Just because you have a large air conditioner and it cools down your home faster doesn’t mean that you picked the right choice. While it is true that it will cool down or heat up your home faster, the fact that the system has short cycles will cause poor air circulation within your home.

Poor air circulation will lead to stale air and produce moist. Once there is moist build-up, a series of problems will follow suit. There will be growth of the molds which can greatly affect your house structures and can be especially dangerous to your family’s health.

An Undersized A/C Consumes More Energy

Having a large room but installing a small air conditioner will also conceive inconvenience. If you think that smaller air conditioners are more energy-efficient, while it may be true under certain circumstances, installing it to a room larger than its cooling capacity will create the opposite effect. A small air conditioner that needs to cool down a large room will have to work twice or thrice than its average cooling time.

The harder your A/C works, the more stressed it becomes, and its extra effort to cool down your home will consume more energy and will cost you more. Aside from that, it won’t be able to provide your expected comfort temperature since it has a limited capacity only.

Why is it Important to Pick the Right A/C Size?

Choosing the right size of your air conditioner is a great value for your investment. You won’t go through unnecessary repairs, costly utility bills and even encounter health problems. Since an A/C is a lifetime investment, make sure that you get the most out of it, enjoy its benefits to the fullest and most of all, it should provide you the satisfaction you expected.

Before you start investing on an air conditioner, ensure that your HVAC contractor uses an accurate sizing calculation. Factors like air infiltration rates, local climate, and insulation levels should be taken into consideration in order to attain correct system sizing. These and other factors will deter what air conditioner size is best applicable to your house.

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