Winter is fast approaching. Along with this cold climate is the increasing number of allergies present in the Michigan atmosphere. Warm winter accelerates pollen distribution in the air which is a common source of allergies. However, a humidifier can help reduce the allergy presence inside your home.

What is a Humidifier?

A humidifier is an electric device that produces steam or releases water vapor into the air. It helps make your room’s air more comfortable by providing moisture to it. Humidity level drops during cold seasons resulting in dry air. If the air is dry, it leads to various sicknesses such as aggravated respiratory health problems, allergies, sore throat and much more.

Humidifiers Provides Relief to Allergies

A healthy air has a well-balanced humidity and moisture level. Anything beyond or below is considered risky to our health. Weather changes and the climate in your location are primary factors that contribute to unsteady humidity present in your home. This is where a humidifier can help you obtain your desired humidity level in your room.

This is especially useful for people with asthma and sinusitis. It clears your nasal passages allowing more air to enter in your respiratory system. It also helps relieve you from cold and cough problems like a runny nose, persistent coughing, and sore throat. And since dry air makes allergens more potent, adding moisture in the air with the help of a humidifier will reduce its effectivity thus, avoiding allergy risks to you and your family.

Choosing the Right Humidifier for Your Home

Humidifiers come in a wide variety. There are built-in humidifiers and smaller models which are portable to carry around. Here are a few examples of humidifiers:

  • Impeller humidifiers which produce cool mist
  • Steam vaporizer which releases warm mist in the air
  • Cool mist humidifier releases cool mist in the air which makes it typical for warm seasons like summer
  • Central humidifiers which are built-in together with your HVAC unit.

Installing humidifiers are a great way to improve your indoor air quality. When it comes to you and your loved ones’ health, it is best to invest in something that could help you prevent or reduce health risks. Humidifiers are a great investment for your family’s health. They not only provide you comfort, but also provide you protection from sickness causing factors such as allergies.

For more information on humidifiers, feel free to contact our experts at Absotemp, or call us at (248) 960-3100. This winter, put your health first on top of your list!