ProTune Maintenance Agreement by Absotemp

Top 3 Reasons To Consider The ProTune

HVAC maintenance lifetime value

Extend Life Expectancy of Your HVAC Equipment

The average life of an A/C or Furnace unit is approximately 20 years. Would you go 20 years without checking your car’s oil levels and filters? Didn’t think so. Here at Absotemp, we run through an extensive checklist on a quarterly or bi-annual basis to ensure maximum operating efficiency. The best part about this is you the homeowner will thank us later when your equipment lasts 25 -30 years with the proper and consistent check-ups!

HVAC piece of mind

Peace of Mind

Picture this. Its early November and Michigan decides to dump 14 inches of snow and drop temperatures to 30 degrees. You go to the thermostat at 11pm to finally kick on the furnace and it’s not kicking on. Sound familiar? With a ProTune Maintenance Agreement, Absotemp could have been at your house 1 month prior to ensure all your heating needs are prepared for Michigan’s wild winters.

Saving Money

More Money Back in Your Pockets

Your HVAC systems are screaming at you for a check-up and cleaning because it will directly impact you and your pockets. By performing quarterly or bi-annual maintenance check-ups you will incrementally improve the efficiency of your home which will lower your energy bills every month.

Absotemp Climate Control guarantees that your unit will maintain its optimum performance with regular maintenance.  Our ProTune Maintenance Agreement is $300 annually or $25/mo however you would like to pay.

Please reach out to us today via the chat service in the bottom right corner or by calling (248) 960 – 3100 to get started with ProTune.