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Reducing Air Pollution in Your Home

Air pollution is one of the leading causes of health problems inside our homes. Air pollution can aggravate allergies, make breathing harder, and create other health issues. Reducing the amount of indoor air pollution in your home can make your home a more comfortable place for your family to live.

Forms of Inside Air Pollution

Air pollution may take many different forms.  The three key forms of air pollution are outlined below.

Mixed Particles

Mixed Particles are those actual miniscule elements that may be so small our eyes cannot see them.  This may include things such as pollen from plants or animals, dander from pets, and fine dust. Influences such as pets or plants may change the amount of particles in the air.  Plants can add more pollen to the air; however, the correct houseplants may also help reduce certain forms of air pollution.  Standard air filters may eliminate or reduce the number of mixed particles in the home.  More efficient filtration systems, such as electrostatic filters may work even better.

Smells and Vapors

We have all dealt with the discomfort of bad odors.  Sometimes those odors can actually cause problems, especially for those who have allergies or other breathing issues.  One problem is that smells and vapors may actually be increased while the homeowner is trying to eliminate other forms of air pollution.  Some of the pollution caused by smells and vapors can stem from cleaning products, pets, or daily cooking activities.


Many people do not realize that other organisms are living in their home with them.  Microorganisms are living things – viruses, fungi, dust mites, bacteria, and more.   One effective way to eliminate microorganisms is with UVGI technology.  This technology points a ray of ultraviolet light at microorganisms to kill them.

How To Reduce or Eliminate Inside Air Pollution

The information above may seem like a portrayal of doom and gloom.  It may sound as if air pollution exists and we cannot escape it, but this theory is not true.  Regular HVAC maintenance from Absotemp can help reduce or eliminate the air pollutants inside your home.  Be sure to schedule regular visits from your Absotemp HVAC technician for routine maintenance.  The technician can spot and eliminate other problems, while making suggestions to reduce or eliminate air pollutants.  Some technicians may be able to offer solutions for systems that eliminate all three forms of pollutants.  These systems are available in both versions that permanently clean pollutants from the entire house or versions that are portable.

If you would like to reduce the amount of indoor air pollution in your home, contact the professionals Absotemp Climate Control to test the quality of the air inside your home and offer solutions.