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Dangers Of Excess Humidity

As homeowners we strive to make our homes a place that is safe for our loved ones and visitors. It is hard though to take into account a circumstance that cannot be perceived by the naked eye, when trying to clear your residence of harmful elements.

Excess humidity and the dangers it brings is a real thing that must be taken seriously. The implications brought by this unfortunate mishap will vary depending on its magnitude. And though this may sound scary there are steps to take to prevent this or to eliminate this problem.

Effects Of High Humidity On The Body

When the air is more humid than usual, first thing you will notice is excessive sweating and you start feeling hotter. A result of too much moisture in the air, you perceive the temperature to be greater than it actually is. In certain cases, minor consequences can be experienced, but in more severe situations, when ignored and untreated, the repercussions could be dire.

Cramps – due to the dehydration brought about by the extreme heat, cramps might start to be felt in the body.

Fainting – a dip in a person’s blood pressure brought about by the warm temperature, may possibly cause fainting.

Heat Stroke – symptoms of this are rapid/shallow breathing, nausea and vomiting, fast heartbeat and dizziness. This is something that should not be taken lightly as it can lead to death!

Excessive humidity is an ideal environment for the proliferation of a variety of microscopic creatures, one of which is dust mites that can trigger asthma and allergy attacks.

The amount of vapor in the atmosphere also encourages the existence of molds and mildew, and the presence of these in a residence usually results in the decline of health of the inhabitants.

Effects Of High Humidity On A Structure

Your home’s integrity may be put at risk in an excessively humid environment. In grave instances the very foundation of your home starts to deteriorate. Wallpapers or paint, paired with wet stains, may also start to peel. Wooden materials that are part of the overall structure or found within, may start to bend. This is usually the cause of wooden floors creaking and a lot of times a cause of damaged furniture.

Prevention Of High Humidity

It’s important to achieve that optimal level of moisture in your home, as too dry an atmosphere could also prove to be harmful.

Ventilation – If vent fans are available use them, otherwise you could pop open windows.

Turn on the air conditioner – Your air conditioner was designed in a manner to cool your home and reduce humidity while doing so. This may be costly in terms of electricity bills though so if you are on a tight budget this might not be for you.

Relocate any plants outside – Plants discharge vapor into the air, which is why it would be ideal that they are kept outdoors when things get too humid.

Find a way to lower temperature – Humidity is an effect of high temperature, so you might want to have your children to stop running around for a while as the warmth being produced by their bodies only contribute to the increase in temperature.

Use a dehumidifier – We live in the era of technology and now there are devices to dehumidify an area. You could look into this option if you find that your residence frequently suffers from terrible amounts of humidity.

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