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What Type Of Air Filter Is Best?

When the weather starts to get cold, it is time to install an HVAC system in your household to keep you and your families warm and cozy. The problems with any HVAC system is that it starts to get dusty, which can affect the atmosphere around the house and may lead to allergies. If this is the case, your air filter is most likely the cause of the problem. To avoid dirt circulating around, it’s advised that your air filter should be changed every 90 days for a suburban house. For households without pets, every 6-12 months and every 2 months with those with a pet.

There are different types of air filters for your HVAC system which can help improve air quality inside your homes. When choosing air filters, take note of the MERV rating, also known as the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It measures the efficiency of how air filters can help in trapping dust and dirt.

Here are the types of air filters best for your household:

Fiberglass Filter

Also known as one of the most common types of air filters, these air filters help in protecting your HVAC system. It is designed with a flat panel surface that helps in trapping and eliminating dirt moving around the atmosphere. Fiberglass filters come with a 1-4 MERV rating which does not help in enhancing indoor air quality, but does aid in eliminating 10% of air pollutants.

Washable Air Filters

These type of air filters are functional when it comes to eliminating large dust particles, but not bacteria, smoke or viruses. It comes with a 1-4 MERV rating and also require more maintenance, specifically once a month.

Pleated Air Filters

Similar to the functions of fiberglass filters, pleated air filters function better in terms of eliminating dust in the atmosphere and providing improved indoor air quality. Unlike the fiberglass filter, pleated air filters come with a 10-13 MERV rating which can help in eliminating 45% of air pollutants that is not just dust but also pollen, mold, bacteria and even dust mites.

High-Efficiency Air Filters

These are the air filters that are most practical for your HVAC systems. For better functionality, these air filters come with a 14-16 MERV rating and eliminate up to 85% of air pollutants. Aside from household use, high-efficiency air filters are usually used for cars and medical facilities.

True High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters

For the best results, using a true HEPA air filter is ideal. This will be of use especially for those living with pets or family members with dust allergies. True HEPA air filters come with a 17-20 MERV rating and eliminates up to 98% of air pollutants, including particles that are 0.3 microns or bigger.  

These are the 5 types of air filters that can help in removing solid particles inside your home. For assistance in picking the best air filter suited for your home, contact your local technician who can give you the best options along the way. Absotemp HVAC specialists are always happy to help. Call at (248) 960-3100.