The first snow can be a sight to behold and watching your neighborhood covered in a white blanket can give a calming and serene atmosphere. Winter can be a splendid time of the year, but only when you’re able to keep warm. There’s no fun in freezing. When you’ve had enough of the ice and cold, make sure you’ve got somewhere cozy to escape to. Where would that be? Home, of course.

Seal Windows

Be certain your windows are properly sealed so as to keep heat from escaping. When you’re not careful, you could be releasing heat into the frigid cold without realizing while turning up your heater. Those extra dollars that you’d be paying for the unnecessary increase in electricity bills would’ve been spent on something else like, say, a nice gift for yourself.

Go around your home and check for cracks near the windows. Use caulk to seal any. For extra measure, cover your windows in plastic or bubble wrap using a window insulator and a hairdryer or any instrument that would blow hot air.


The only thing that could be standing between a warm and cozy winter and one where you and your family are human-sized popsicles is proper insulation. Prioritize the attic since the snow would collect on your roof and your attic would most likely all your ducts would go through your attic. Frozen ductwork are serious problems because the pressure from water turning into ice can break metal. Ice dams could easily form if the snow would melt into your roof due to the heat being released. Both problems would easily cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. It would be a particular shame if you just moved in.

Maintain Your Heating System

Don’t wait for the temperature to drop and for snowflakes to start falling. Call your trusted HVAC professional to look over your furnace and the other parts to see if they’re in good working condition. There are some simple do-it-yourself tips you can learn, but don’t forego the consultation of an expert when we’re nearing one of the harshest months of the year weather-wise. Having any needed repairs and replacements done before the coldest season is essential.

Keep Warmth Flowing

Leave doors open so the warm air could easily fill the residence. It would take less effort for your furnace to heat your home. Hate stepping out of your warm shower to cold air? Don’t close the bathroom door to increase the heat in the atmosphere. When baking, leave the oven door open once you’re done.

Use Home Decors

Place cozy rugs on the floor, particularly if they’re hardwood and tiles. Not only would you have a warm area to laze around on, but it would double as an extra dose of luxury. For your beds use flannel sheets and a comforter. This fabric also makes for great winter pajamas. Set out candles for extra heat.

Follow these tips and you’re ready to take on winter. Look forward to that lazy Christmas morning when everyone can enjoy their presents because they toasty warm in a comfortable home. If you want a reliable and seasoned HVAC expert to check your heating system and prepare it for winter, call Absotemp at (248) 960-3100.