How many times have you experienced running out of hot water during winter? If you haven’t, have you had moments of panic because you almost did? Waiting anxiously for a refill of warm water isn’t a baseless worry at this time of the year. Would you like to be able to relax during winter and not worry about this anymore? The tankless water heater is the long-awaited solution. Here’s why:

Save On Utility Costs

The tankless water heater solves another of the season’s biggest issues, the cost of operating a regular heater. These compact heaters are so energy-efficient, it takes 20% less to heat water. It lies in its feature to heat water instantly. With a regular water heater, it needs to be on night and day, constantly warming to make sure there’s a regular supply of warm water whenever it’s needed.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, don’t need to always release heat. It only does so when it needs to and does it so efficiently it delivers the same level of warmth as a water heater that’s been heating water overnight. You still get water at desirable temperatures at a much lesser operating cost.

Healthy Family

Conventional water heaters are not only costly, but there’s always the danger of carbon monoxide and gas. You may encounter issues with your furnace that causes the flame to turn red or yellow. To avoid this, you need regular maintenance services to check whether it continues to work safely. Unlike some HVAC-care tasks, it’s a problem that can’t be done on your own and requires a properly trained and licensed professional to deal with it.

This latest innovation in water heaters doesn’t require the use of gas so there’s no fear of leaks and poisoning. It also has 0% emissions of greenhouse gases. That’s one less thing to worry about and helps you sleep better at night.

Space Saver

When planning your home, you need to take into account where the regular water heater goes because it’s huge and an eyesore. Some would opt to place them inside a cabinet or an attic or the basement.

You’re able to better utilize your space with a tankless water heater because it needs very minimal space. You can fit it into a medicine cabinet or in the ceiling. If you want it completely out of sight, place it outside and use an antifreeze kit to keep it from turning into a block of ice.

Stress and worry about expenses, health and safety while reducing the available space in your home for you to use make for expensive tradeoffs to simply have a steady supply of warm water. It’s a necessity that should be ready at a time of extreme cold, when it means not simply health but life for others.

Don’t spend another minute in worry and risk. Call a reliable Absotemp HVAC technician at (248) 960-3100 to make the switch. Winter’s just begun. It’s not too late.