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Why You Should Update Your Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is one of the main parts of an air conditioner and are vital in the unit which helps absorb heat with the assistance of the refrigerant. Unfortunately, just like other components of an air conditioning unit, an evaporator coil has its warranty and needs to be taken care of in order to avoid grave damages in the future, but when the time comes it will need to be updated as soon as possible.

If you notice a puddle of water forming below your air conditioning unit, this is due to condensation occurring inside your unit. When this happens, it leads to corrosion in the evaporator coil that results to damages if not taken care of. To avoid the problem of coil corrosion, clean and change your air filters every now and then, it is important to have clean air circulating around your homes. A dirty air filter will block the air from coming through the evaporator coil which leads to it freezing and being damaged. Have your air filters replaced every 1-3 months depending on the situation of the weather.

Here are a couple of reasons why your evaporator coils needs to be updated every now and then:

Cost Efficiency

When an air conditioning unit is not taken care of properly, especially the components inside, this will lead to costly damages. If you have your unit properly maintained or inspected every now and then, this can result to smoother operations and not having to spend money on damages.

If there are damages on your evaporator coil, a temporary fix will not do much justice because it might lead to bigger problems in the long run, especially if it is in a bad condition to begin with. It is better to have your evaporator coil replaced which makes it a more practical choice. You can ask the help of your local HVAC specialist to help give you smart options in buying a new evaporator coil.

Cooling Efficiency

If your evaporator coil is not working this will greatly affect how your cooling system works. As mentioned, the evaporator coil plays a vital role in operating the unit, so if it is damaged it will cause a domino effect on the unit as well.

If an evaporator coil is not working, this can result to the cooling system not working well, and that will be difficult especially when the weather is scorching hot. A damaged evaporator coil can also make the air conditioning unit not function properly and may shut down repeatedly.

Clean Efficiency

It is very important to make sure that clean air circulates around your home to avoid health problems among family members. If your evaporator coil is not properly taken care of, this can result to chemicals worsening it and causing holes to appear.

These are 3 reasons why it is important to have your evaporator coil updated every now and then. With this, it will ensure a better functioning air conditioning unit inside your homes.

Have a technician check your HVAC system before deciding to update your evaporator coil. Getting an expert would mean access to professional advice on the right parts for your system. It’ll also be good to have the same technician so they’re familiar with the system when they attach it. Call Absotemp at (248) 960-3100 for a technician.